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Low latency blockchain alerts and insights for traders, exchanges, and institutions

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Our proprietary intelligence engine is used for real-time

Anomaly detection

outlier detection

Get notified of significant transactions before they hit exchange order-books.

Asset-holder clustering

asset holders

Visualize true usability across cryptoassets and discover when large portfolios shift positions.


cryptoassets supported


faster than any block explorer


events processed daily


deployed blockchain nodes

Our research


Classifying Addresses

Token Analyses



Built by leading PhDs and Computer Scientists

CS and ML at Cornell & UCL. Analytics at GE.

Sid Shekhar

Product at SeedInvest (acq. by Circle). Systems Engineering at UVA

Jai Prasad

PhD dropout; data streams aficionado. Polyglot programmer.

Jendrik Poloczek

PhD in ML at Airbus, BTech at IIT Bombay

Ankit Chiplunkar

CS PhD focussed on Semantic Web. 10 years of building large software.

Cesar Pantoja

Postdoc & PhD at Imperial. Published paper featured on the cover of Science.

Simon O'Hanlon

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