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  • How to use on-chain data effectively
  • Key on-chain patterns and trends to look for
  • Short term vs Long term metrics
  • Simple ways to integrate on-chain data into your workflow
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TokenAnalyst Updates

Bitcoin Unspent Transactions (UTXO) endpoints added to our API

  • We've added seven new endpoints to effectively track BTC UTXOs, split by age, over time. Full documentation for access is available here.
  • We're looking for feedback! Please DM/email us with any suggestions for improvement.
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Visualizing the average value of BTC held in UTXOs

Using our new UTXO endpoints, we visualize Bitcoin unspent transactions split by age over the history of Bitcoin blockchain. 

We went a bit crazy with the unicorn colors. Below is the exact same data, separated by age band, showing the evolution of average BTC UTXO value over time.
Follow the twitter thread here for more visualizations and analyses.

Visualizing key events throughout the history of Bitcoin

Using our Bitcoin Fundamentals endpoint, we visualize the history of Bitcoin from 0 to 18 million Bitcoin in existence.

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Fun Fact:
  • On 22 May 2018, 10,000 BTC was used to buy two pizzas. That's $80M for 2 pizzas today!

Weekly Exchange Stats

  • Analyzing transactions to and from exchanges can give a good indication of the supply and demand of a crypto asset.
  • An increase in outflow of a crypto asset from exchanges corresponds to decreased supply.
  • An increase in inflow of stablecoins to exchanges corresponds to increased demand.


  • On Oct 21, BTC price rebounds by ~3% along with a positive increase in net inflow of ~$10M.
  • We consistently see massive increases in inflow & outflow volume on Monday's when compared to the weekend. Crypto might be a 24/7 market but looks like traders need a break 


  • On Sunday, Oct 20, there was a large increase in both inflow and outflow of ~$17M. Compared to Oct 19, inflows are up ~70% and outflows are up ~90%. Trading flows likely caused by ETH prices recorded at their lowest this week.


  • We observe a significant increase in Stablecoin outflow from Oct 21 to Oct 22.


  • All ETH Outflow metrics have increased indicating a slight conservative trading atmosphere.
  • PAX inflows are up overall and similarly, outflows are down overall this week. This trend suggests that traders are purchasing PAX this week.
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Weekly Network Stats

  • Analyzing general network data of a crypto-asset allows us to evaluate the current sentiment towards a particular token.
Native Tokens
ERC20 Tokens
Key Facts
  • ETH volume is down by 17% this week. This was mostly caused by an overall decline in volume between Oct 15 and Oct 22.
  • MANA was up 175% in volume. This was caused by a single transaction worth $3.2M on Oct 21.
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