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Exciting updates from TokenAnalyst!

We are proud to announce new updates to our platform. If you go to, you will now see:

  • Key stats on how much BTC & ETH is flowing into and out of major exchanges
  • A real-time feed of "whale" transactions occurring on the blockchain
  • Core network data such as # of active addresses and transaction volumes to fundamentally evaluate BTC, ETH & ERC20 tokens
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Key on-chain metrics on major crypto exchanges.

We now show aggregate on-chain volumes on ETH and BTC as well as the flow of ETH and BTC into and out of major crypto exchanges. You can click on any exchange that interests you in the table to see drilled down on-chain metrics.

Let us know what other exchanges you want to see!

The Live Feed.

Another core aspect of our platform is the real-time feed of on-chain transactions. The top half of the feed shows live transactions as soon as they are confirmed. The bottom half displays significant/large movements along with context around what the movements represent ("Classification").

Let us know if you want to integrate this feed into your website or workflow!

ERC20 Token Stats.

In addition to the live feed of ERC20 token transfers occurring on Ethereum, we also have aggregate on-chain stats such as the # of transactions and the on-chain volume (historical and rolling 24h). 

We want your feedback!

We are building this platform as a resource for the community and we want to clearly expose what is really happening on the blockchain. We would love your input on what else you would like to see!

- More exchanges?
- Stable coin flows?
- Trading Integration?
- Metrics on DeFi projects?
- Real-time BTC whale transactions?

Please let us know via twitter (feel free to DM or tweet at us) or via email.
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