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Updates from TokenAnalyst!

  • Token Compare: One place to compare/contrast on-chain metrics on different assets and across multiple blockchains  
  • Masses move markets: Fresh research showing the relationship between exchange on-chain flows and ETH price
  • API: We now serve core metrics on Binance Chain (beta) and all tokens listed on it.

Token Compare

We just launched a new tool on our website to compare/contrast core metrics across a variety of crypto-assets (across multiple blockchains). We currently have a host of native tokens, ERC20, and Binance Chain tokens exposed and will continue to add more assets and more metrics over the coming weeks.

Play with the data yourself

Masses Move Markets: Crypto flow to exchanges correlates with price

We examined the relationship between 'net' flow (inflows - outflows) of ETH into/out of exchange-controlled wallets and found that there are distinct spikes/dips in on-chain flows that historically precede price movements.

Read the full report here

Binance Chain + New ERC20s added to our API

  • Core metrics on every token listed on Binance Chain is now available via our API 
  • New ERC20 tokens to our API and platform as well due to popular demand.
  • Access to all of this data and more is available to subscribers.
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Other interesting occurrences on-chain

  • We noticed a singular ~$1B Bitcoin transaction made internally between two Binance wallets earlier this month
  • We were playing close attention to the accidental minting of Tether (USDT) that occurred earlier this week that immediately preceded a BTC price dip.
  • We continue to be blown away by the thoughtful analyses the community performs using TokenAnalyst data.

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