Reebo joins TokenAnalyst

It is my pleasure to announce that Reebo, the leading smart contract alerts and monitoring platform, is joining TokenAnalyst. Reebo has developed proprietary low-latency infrastructure that allows developers and Dapp teams to intelligently monitor their smart contracts and accounts for unusual behaviors, errors, and spikes in usage. It’s like New Relic or Sentry for your smart contract.

Jendrik Poloczek and Vincent Choi founded Reebo in Berlin. Jendrik, who is a Data Engineering specialist with 5 years of experience building distributed fault-tolerant systems, joins TokenAnalyst as Technical Lead. (See links for his talks and open source contributions).

Every single blockchain company faces the same problem, they need to run resilient nodes and they need to query data from the blockchain. With Reebo’s expertise, we plan to offer incredibly reliable and massively scalable blockchain node infrastructure, WebSocket and REST connections to monitor smart-contracts and blockchain applications, and feature-rich analytics to query, visualize, and understand metrics key to blockchain businesses.

At TokenAnalyst, we make it seamless for anyone (technical or not) to interact with and access blockchains. We offer an easy to integrate SDK for developers and build custom solutions for traders, researchers, exchanges, and institutional investors. The addition of Reebo significantly boosts our on-chain offering!

We are very excited to have Reebo join our team and continue to build a much-needed component of blockchain data infrastructure.

By Jai Prasad @jai_prasad17
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