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Enterprise-grade data and tools to understand and access blockchains.

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Product Professional
Access to a plethora of proprietary metrics and insights via historical data APIs.
Product Enterprise
Tailored services
We provide deep blockchain intelligence reports such as functional calls, smart contract events, miner statistics etc.
What our customers say

TokenAnalyst is one of our go-to sources when it comes to cryptocurrency data. Their exchange flow data is fundamental to parts of our research, and the intuitive API makes data integration very straightforward

Yan Liberman
Delphi Digital

I would say something nice (a few things actually), but if I do, you’ll sign up and take my alpha. so there.

Elias Simos
Decentral Park

I like the work you guys are doing with on-chain analytics. It’s an underserved offering, and your team has pulled far ahead of others that offer just bits and pieces of on-chain analytics.

The team’s laser focus for on-chain analytics with the depth/ breadth provided and a clear focus on a contextual layer is impressive.

Anish Patel
Digital Asset Capital
Our signature plan, offering proprietary historical and real-time metrics across a wide-array of assets via REST API.
Full Historical Data + Real-Time Updates
Access via API, CSV, & Web Platform
50+ Assets & 70+ Metrics
Exchange Flows, Miner Flows
Stablecoin Mints & Burns, S&D
Smart Contract & DeFi Metrics
Access data faster than the competition and gain insights using our proprietary datasets.
Complete Data Access
Customized Metrics
Transaction Data for Modeling & Backtesting
World’s fastest bitcoin data
Raw Transaction, Block-level Data
Personal Support from TokenAnalyst